Sliding-door wardrobe for the hallway

Capacity and functionality as a result of the effective use of space.

Convenient storage of things in the hallway is always a topical issue. But with the advent of sliding-door wardrobes, the task was simplified to choosing the dimensions and design of this furniture.

The fight for space

There are many advantages of the sliding-door wardrobe in comparison with the closet. First of all, it is important to remember, that most of the hallways in our apartments are rather small and there is no possibility to install any outboard furniture. The slide-door wardrobe does not require much space in front of the façade, thanks to the sliding door system. Therefore, it can be safely placed even in a narrow corridor.

Continuing the theme of small rooms, it is worth to notice, that the majority of sliding-door wardrobes have doors with mirrors. Thanks to this, several other important tasks are solved: there is no need to buy a full-length mirror additionally, and space of hallway is visually increasing. Therefore, a sliding-door wardrobe with a mirror is a godsend for small apartments.

Everything is inside

The capacity of the sliding-door wardrobe allows you to store in it not only outerwear, but also shoes, hats, accessories and even children's toys for the outdoor games. The main thing is to choose the right number of shelves and boxes. In addition, if you install a built-in wardrobe, you can use mezzanine to store things. Effective use of space makes it possible to clean the hallway of extra things and maintain order in the house. In addition, you can save your money, because you do not need to buy a chest of drawers, hanger and box for shoes separately. All these pieces of furniture will be in one closet!

Beauty without Victims

A beautiful design of the cabinet's facades can successfully emphasize the interior of the house.
Nowadays, many customers choose slide-doors wardrobes with a mirror with a pattern on it, but you can choose doors without any pattern, for example, from frosted glass. A wide choice of designs allows you to choose the wardrobe, which will be perfect for any style.

The slide-doors wardrobe in the hallway with a mirror is the “mast-have” of a modern house, because it is functional, roomy, convenient, compact and stylish.


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