Built-in LED lighting for cabinet furniture

A stylish, practical and effective solution

LED backlighting has become so popular due to its numerous advantages, so there are not so many spheres of human life where it would not be used. LED lamps are used for lighting furniture, gyms, swimming pools, shop windows, jewelry salons, offices, industrial facilities, landscapes and streets.

Advantages of LED lighting

  • energy saving;
  • long service life;
  • it does not contain any harmful metals;
  • it is fireproof – it does not heat up much;
  • an absence of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, therefore it does not harm furniture;
  • it is easy to install – (it is could be mounted and glued).

LED furniture lamps are mainly used for lighting the kitchen and the hallway, not so often in the bedroom or the in the children's room. This is based on the fact that in living rooms furniture has built-in lighting, mostly, not for practical purposes, but for designer purposes, emphasizes the texture or unusual forms of furniture, or highlights the shelves with decorative elements. Practical use of LED lighting is much broader.

Built-in LED lighting for the hallwa

The hallway is often poorly lit room, especially if we are talking about the small apartments. Therefore, LED lamps solve two problems at once: they provide additional lighting and save electricity. If you install furniture lamps that are embedded above the mirror of the slide-door wardrobe, you will achieve one more important effect - visually expand the space.

Lamps for kitchen

The main task of the lamp is to illuminate the working surface of the kitchen.
It happens that the main light is not enough and because of this it may not be comfortable to cook, especially when the lamp is placed behind the hostess, and the shadow falls on the tabletop. Therefore, the built-in LED lighting for the kitchen provides an additional dot illumination of the necessary surfaces, making the cooking of food more convenient and pleasant.

The light can change not only the appearance of the room, but also the convenience of staying in it.


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