Chest of drawers for the room

The modern and functional element of your home

People like the chest of drawers for its functionality and usability. Designers - for the opportunity to play with style and appearance. We are used to it and cannot imagine our house without a chest of drawers


  • you can put this in any room;
  • it is convenient to store things;
  • it is compact;
  • it fits to any style of interior.

At the entrance

The first thing that the guests see when they enter the house is the hallway. Therefore it is very important to find a good place for all the necessary things to make the order and cleanliness. This is especially true for everyone who has a small living space. The chest of drawers in the hallway can be a good storage solution, especially if the premise is small and you need to store the maximum of things with a minimal space. A very convenient solution for a big family is a chest of drawers for shoes. It will help you to hide off-season shoes and conveniently place a daily one. It is enough to choose the necessary number of boxes and furniture dimensions for it.

In the bedroom

In a process of choosing a chest of drawers for the bedroom, it is important to know that it should not only becomes its functional part, but also fits well into the interior. We used to store clothes, linen, and other home textiles in it. But besides this, many people place the details of the décor, technique or lovely things on the surface of it, for creating a cozy pier at home. Women will appreciate the chest of drawers with a mirror - it will visually expand the space and easily replace the dressing table, retaining its functionality.

A children's room

If in the house appears a child, a chest of drawers with a changing table can become a real godsend for a young mother. The height of the chest is designed just to make it easy for mom to stand in front of the child and changing his clothes. In addition, all the necessary things will be there - in the drawers of the chest of drawers. Therefore, you do not need to be distracted from the process and leave the child unattended. When children grow up, the number of things in the house grows. Buying a chest of drawers in a children's room, you need to take into account the age of the child, the number of things, the size of the room and the design of the room. A chest of drawers for children's things can accommodate not only clothes, but also a part of the child's toys.


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