Children's rooms

Cabinet furniture in the children's room

Cabinet furniture or modular furniture for a children's room is always in a great demand.

Particularly popular among Ukrainians became furniture items-transformers (tables, chairs, beds) with adjustable height of supports, retractable seats and expandable sleeping places. Such modular objects are made "for the future" for child. And accordingly, they are distinguished by their longevity. This is an advantage, because children's furniture is purchased for several years ahead, and it is easily customized for growing kids.

Children's room layout for cabinet furniture

In the process of planning a child's room interior such aspects should be account:

  • multifunctionality of the room - this is a game room, mini-workshop, classroom, corner of physical training,  place of reception of guests, and a "scientific laboratory";
  • mobility – all the items of furniture must be easily moved without much effort by the child;
  • ecology and safe operation of children's furniture - the guarantee of children's health and the elimination of injuries;
  • rational placement of cabinet objects without piling up, with sufficient space for the child.

Types of modular furniture for children

A wide range of various of cabinet furniture for children's rooms is offered in the Ukrainian furniture market now. The service of manufacturing of modular items on the basis of individual customer requests is particularly in demand. In this case, it is possible to provide for everything: the design and exterior of the samples, the choice of materials and decor elements, unlimited functions, original design solutions, exact compliance with dimensions. This gives to parents the opportunity to decorate children's room with everything necessary qualitative and beautiful – a sliding-door wardrobes, computer and writing tables - transformers, highchairs, beds, bedside tables, built-in wardrobes, wall bars and other attributes.