Wall units

Wall units for home and office

Unlike garniture furniture, modular wall units and slides have an indisputable advantage - the possibility of combinatory of objects with taking into account the free space of the room. For small-sized (smart) apartments, modern townhouses, small offices, the choice of wall units is often the only possible solution for creating a comfortable and aesthetic interior

The Ukrainian furniture market offers a variety of models of wall units and modular type slides for living rooms, cabinets, hallways and children's rooms. A feature of cabinet furniture is the possibility of any arrangement of objects, and their reliable connection with each other. In assembled form, such wall units are highly stable, and do not occupy too much useful area. In addition, with an individual design of wall units or slides, for example, in a small modern 1-room apartment, you can effectively use non-functional areas in the room.

Features of the cabinet wall units

Depending on the place of use of the modular wall unit, the sections included in its composition (a wardrobe or bookcase, a cupboard, nightstand and other elements) are given to the designers by some or other functions. Now, consumers prefer to buy wall units that are designed for individual projects.

This allows creating unique furniture compositions, in a harmony with the design ideas in the interior of the room. At the same time, the requirements of customers for certain functional features of the wall units or slides are maximally realized in modular sections.

Materials for cabinet wall units

For the manufacture of modular wall units sections, all types of materials and decorative elements are used in modern furniture production.  The budget, pledged by the buyer, is the starting point here. Conditionally,  cabinet wall units can be divided into three categories:

  • elite class – in the production of wall units and facades we use an array of natural wood, chrome-plated steel, mirrors, glass and mirror-resistant mirrors, exclusive decor;
  • business class is the most popular segment, where high-quality and aesthetic characteristics of products are achieved due to a successful combination of expensive and medium-price materials;
  • economy class - in the production of such wall units, we use MDF and chipboards that are laminated with plastic, decorated with silkscreen or covered by protective varnish, as well as visually effective, but inexpensive decoration.