Stone products

Stone products in cabinet furniture

The elements from natural and artificial stone have become an invariable attribute of collections in business and luxury classes in the production of cabinet furniture. Basically, table tops, shower trays, washbasins for bathrooms, staircases, decorative balustrades, window sills, coffee tables, bar furnishing items are made of stone.

Depending on the interior design and functional purpose of the room, furniture samples are selecting, including elements from natural or artificial stone. The range of proposals in this direction of the Ukrainian furniture market is very extensive and diverse. Color, textural solutions and the noble grace of the stone help to create an original interior variations. It should be noted, that products that are made of artificial and natural stone, are easily combined with any design styles. Visually, a product that made of natural stone does not differ from an artificial one. But at the same time, items of furniture with elements of artificial stone have a lower cost.

Advantages of stone products

Advantages of this material:

  • a perfect aesthetics, a variety of decorative designs;
  • a durability, wear resistance;
  • a resistance to any negative external factors;
  • a simple daily care.

The stone products are often found in collections of cabinet furniture for kitchens. A granite worktops, acrylic or quartz sinks, dining room furniture and bar counters are in high demand in modern interiors. The stone products are not only form a particular style perception of kitchen space but they are perfectly performing their direct functions.

A separate category - window sills, stairs and decorative balustrades. If the interior design focuses on natural stone, it is desirable for the cabinet furniture to be in harmony with the overall stylistic direction and to include some elements of stone.