BLUM is the manufacturer of accessories for cabinet furniture.

        Blum is an Austrian company. It is a manufacturer of high-quality opening and closing furniture, which are distinguished by their durability. A distinctive feature of this manufacturer's products is a wide assortment and an impeccable quality.
Blum uses not only high production standards, but also technologies that are safe for environment in a process of manufacturing of opening and closing furniture.
Even for the packaging of products, Blum uses a special recyclable package - eco-pack.
        Blum is an innovative company that pays special attention to the development and implementation of the latest technologies that make the quality of products impeccable. Also, it makes the manufactured furniture comfortable and easy to use. These technologies include CLIP hingles, the silent closing technology BLUMOTION and the technology of comfortable opening SERVO-DRIVE, as well as many others.
        The main production direction of the company is the manufacture of the following mechanisms and systems: lifting mechanisms, hinge systems, box systems, runner systems, inner dividing systems and motion technologies.
        Using in a process of manufacturing of furniture different furniture accessories of Blum company, allows us to produce the furniture that is not only pleases the eyes of customers, but also brings a pleasure.

Motion technologies

        Movement is our life. After many years, this phrase does not become less relevant. Because movement is an important part of our every day. The movement makes us move forward to new achievements. Are the movement technologies important for furniture? Definitely yes! A wide range of motion technologies helps to realize the most daring dreams of designers and costumers regarding the shape and design of the desired pieces of furniture. In this case, the variations of the motion technologies can move our customers far into the future, where the doors and drawers will open with an easy touch to the handle or even without it. It sounds fantastic! But thanks to the motion technologies of Blum, we help to choose the most comfortable and eye-pleasing option for our customers.

        Why it is so important to choose the right technology of movement for the desired piece of furniture? The answer is very simple! With the right motion system, your furniture will serve for a long time and will not need fixing or reducing. You will forget about the creaking, jamming the construction, using huge efforts to open the box. With Blum motion technologies, using of any piece of furniture will be easy and convenient.

        In order to make the life of customers as comfortable as possible, Blum offers the following types of motion technologies:

  • The BLUMOTION technology is created for silent and easy closing of boxes. This type of technology is equipped with a special shock absorber, which helps the door or box to close gently and silently. At the same time, it has a wide range of applications. So, BLUMOTION can be easily integrated into loops, guides, drawers and even lifting mechanisms. A distinctive feature of this technology is an adaptive depreciation system, which allows you to forget about monitoring the load on the box
  • The SERVO-DRIVE technology allows you to look into the future, because it has a built-in electric drive. This technology allows you to make the most creative projects of furniture sets without handles. But what is the working principle of SERVO-DRIVE? The opening of cabinets and drawers takes place with the help of a light touch to the furniture. This technology is simply indispensable in the kitchen, as it will be extremely convenient for both the top boxes and the lower ones. At the same time, with disconnected electricity, furniture items can be used. Now the doors and boxes can be opened not only with the help of hands, but also with elbows, knees, and everything that will be free at the moment. Also, in this case, it is possible to open and close the doors with the button, or, opening and closing the whole case with just one click.
  • The TIP-ON motion technology is capable of bringing maximum door opening comfort. This mechanical door opening system will be a godsend for people, who like classical design. The opening of the doors and drawers will be soft and comfortable. Closing in this case is provided by touching the facade, as well as opening. This type of motion technology cannot be combined with BLUMOTION. TIP-ON is ideal for doors and can be easily combined with TANDEMBOX, MOVENTO, TANDEM, as well as with AVENTOS HK and AVENTOS HK-S, which makes the TIP-ON system really universal.
  • The TIP-ON BLUMOTION technology combines the best features and capabilities of the two systems: TIP-ON and BLUMOTION. Soft and easy opening and silent closing of drawers will make cooking in the kitchen more comfortable and enjoyable. And a gap of 2.5 mm is an ideal for kitchen sets, thus saving functionality and stylish design. It is well combined with LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX and MOVENTO.

Runner systems

        The runner system is an integral part of the production of functional modern furniture. It makes possible to realize the human needs for compactness and convenience in using kitchen sets, furniture for the office and living room. Drawers became necessary in many types of cabinet furniture. Their functionality does not cause any doubt. For this reason, there is a constant improvement of the runner systems to ensure maximum comfort for using of various pieces of furniture. In a case of correct choice, the runner system allows to use drawers without special efforts.

        At the same time, this kind of system will serve for a long time and will not bring any discomfort of using. Our company uses the Blum runner systems, because we love our customers and do our best to make the using of our furniture a pleasant addition to their day.

        The Blum runner system can be used even for furniture for children's rooms, because it is completely silent and so easy to use that even a child can cope with it.

        In the range of Blum, there are three types of runner systems for wooden boxes, which will be an ideal addition to cabinet furniture of different types:

  • The "MOVENTO" runner system guarantees synchronized smooth sliding of boxes with four-dimensional adjustment of the facade. In this case, dynamic carrying capacities up to 40 kg and 60 kg. It should be noted that the figures sagging under such a load is extremely low. In the case of using of facades without handles "MOVENTO", it is possible to combine this system with the electric opening system SERVO-DRIVE. At the same time, furniture will be opened by touching the façade. Soft and silent closing will be provided with BLUMOTION.
  • The hidden runner system "TANDEM" provides smooth sliding for many years, because it is one of the most reliable system in its category. The highlight of this type of runner system is its range, that allows you to choose the best option for any needs. "TANDEM" is designed for full or partial extension in conditions of nominal length from 250 to 750 mm. The dynamic carrying capacities is 30 and 50 kg. This type of runner system can be completed with locks and latches. In a case of using of facades without handles, "TANDEM" can be easily combined with SERVO-DRIVE, BLUMOTION and TIP-ON.
  • The "STANDARD" runner system combines simplicity of installation and use, reliability and classic style of execution. "STANDARD" provides not only the convenience of using wooden boxes, but also a long service life. The nominal length of this type of rails varies from 250 to 800 mm. In this case, dynamic carrying capacities is 25 kg for partial drawers and 30 kg for full extension. A distinctive feature of "STANDARD" is the choice of colors: cream and brown.

Inner dividing systems

        In the modern world, people need a lot of things for a comfortable life for every day. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have an order in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the children’s room, in order to be able to find all the necessary items quickly. Fortunately, Blum took care of the customers and gives a possibility to place a large number of necessary things in conditions of limited space. Boxes and lockers, which are equipped with modern dividers, provide convenience and comfort of storage of things and guarantee the perfect order in the house.

        Our company widely uses Blum inner dividing systems, because they have a high quality and durability, as well as a large number of functions that greatly simplify the life of our customers. Such inner dividing systems make a furniture not only beautiful and comfortable, but also roomy.

        Blum inner dividing systems provide an impeccable order in any kind of boxes. In the assortment of the company there are five types of systems of this category that perform various functions:

  • The AMBIA-LINE universal frame for LEGRABOX has an elegant design and a huge number of applications. These frames perfectly match the LEGRABOX drawers and ensure perfect order in any room. Due to the fact that this type of framework is multifunctional, they are made from different materials. Steel frames AMBIA-LINE have a number of varieties: frames for a standard box for a nominal length of 270 to 650 mm, tray for cutlery with Softtouch coating, frame for a box with a high facade. A feature of this type of dividers is that they look stylish and will be an excellent option for organizing things in any kind of interior. AMBIA-LINE in the tree decor will be the highlight of any locker. A special feature is that an adaptive cross divider for different contents is installed in the mounting holes without tools.
  • The system of internal dividers ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOX is designed to create an order in any box. In a process of using the ORGA-LINE, everyone has the opportunity to organize a drawer space. For this, Blum offers two types of systems of this type - for standard and high drawers. In this case, the color scheme and design of the dividers fully correspond to the extension system. In this case, the dividers can be either transverse or longitudinal type.
  • ORGA-LINE for wooden boxes is specially designed for wood boxes in order to make them as spacious as possible and make the drawer space functional. For convenience of storage of things, such systems are made for standard boxes, and for boxes with a high facade.
  • AMBIA-LINE kitchen accessories are a solution for different types of drawers and have many types, based on their functions: AMBIA-LINE knife holder, AMBIA-LINE film and foil cutting device, AMBIA-LINE spice holder, AMBIA- LINE. All of them allow to make the kitchen space cozy, and maintaining the order is easy.
  • Accessories ORGA-LINE make it possible to simplify a lot of operations in the kitchen while remaining almost invisible, but very functional. The Blum range of products includes the following accessories of this type: a food film cutting device, an aluminum foil cutting device, a plate holder, a knife holder, a spice holder.

Box systems

        Bold design solutions in the furniture creation stimulate manufacturers of furniture accessories to develop new versions of systems that would provide comfort for using of any piece of furniture and would be a stylish addition to the interior of the room.
        Over the past years, the kitchen has become the most high-tech part of any house. In this case, the area of ​​the kitchen is rarely enough to accommodate all the necessary household appliances and furniture. That is why the manufacturers of furniture and accessories do everything to ensure maximum comfort and convenience in a process of using of kitchen sets.
        Particular attention is paid to a variety of box systems, that differ in the quality of the movement and the materials from which they are made. Blum offers three variants of box systems that are an ideal for even the most complex furniture designs and help to make the process of using kitchen furniture items easy and enjoyable.

    Boxes with metal sidewalls from Blum:

  • Elegant, high-performance extension system LEGRABOX has thin sides and a strict, refined design. At the same time, it is suitable even for the most complex designs of cabinet furniture and is an excellent addition for a stylish kitchen. In addition, this type of box system can be equipped with the AMBIA-LINE internal dividers system for even greater comfort and functionality. LEGRABOX will be an ideal option for an office, kitchen, reception or cabinet, that are a modern style designed. 
  • The TANDEMBOX box system is indispensable in the tight spaces of small rooms. Based on the needs of the premises, this box system has three different directions in the assortment: TANDEMBOX intivo, TANDEMBOX antaro and TANDEMBOX plus. It should be noted that all three options have a wide range of applications. They can be used both in standard designs and in creative projects. TANDEMBOX intivo is made in the form of a closed box, which opens the space for creativity in the design of the house space. TANDEMBOX antaro is a box with a rail or a closed box with an insert with a laconic form and stylish color solutions. TANDEMBOX intivo can be made of various materials in order to emphasize the uniqueness of each interior. TANDEMBOX plus is a unique solution for those who appreciate the choice, taking into account the individuality of the performance. This system is a box with a round bar that can be executed in the form of open or closed drawer, with a single or double railing.
  • The METABOX box system is a box that consists of several components. This type of system can withstand loads of up to 30 kilograms, that allows it to be used not only for the kitchen furniture, but also for cabinet furniture for the hallway, children's room, office and even for commercial premises. At the same time, METABOX has good sliding qualities and perfectly blends with the BLUMOTION system.

Hinge systems

        Furniture fittings are one of the most important components of modern furniture. Only the high-quality and reliable accessories can make furniture beautiful, comfortable and functional.

        Furniture manufacturers paid a particular attention to the hinge systems. Hinge systems are loops that intended for the opening of the cabinet wall of furniture at a certain angle. Correctly selected hinge systems, can make the closing and opening of the cabinet doors soft and noiseless. Qualitative elements of fittings of this type can serve for many years without replacement and repair. That's why our company uses high quality and reliable Blum hinge systems.

        Blum offers an assortment of three types of hinge systems that can be selected for even the most courageous projects: CLIP top, CLIP top BLUMOTION, hinge system MODUL, door opening system without handles TIP-ON. Hinge systems for all structures:

  • The CLIP top BLUMOTION system is a unique innovative technology that is built into the hinge boss. It is silent and effortless.  You do not need to install an additional shock absorber in a process of using this system. CLIP top BLUMOTION can be effectively used for any type of door, because this type of hinge system has a number of variations:  110° standard hinges for door thicknesses up to approx. 24 mm, 107° standard hinges for door thicknesses of 15 mm and above, 95° profile door hinge for thicker doors, blind corner hinges, angled applications from -50° to +50°, aluminum frame hinges, 155° wide angle hinge with clip-on BLUMOTION. The Blum company offers this hinge system in the "Black onyx" color, that will be a godsend not only for interior designers, but also for people who like elegant and refined furniture.
  • The CLIP top multi-function hinge system is a system that has convenient adjustment, as well as long service lines and this is one of the most reliable types of hinge systems. At the same time, installation and dismantling of this type of hinges takes place without tools, which greatly simplifies the installation process. CLIP top provides an accurate and convenient three-dimensional adjustment of the facade. Blum offers several types of CLIP top hinges, so, customers can realize all their fantasies about the options for opening doors in lockers: standard hinges with different cranked hinge arms, profile door hinges for thicker door depths, blind corner hinges, angled hinges from -50 to +50°, aluminum frame hinges, wide angle hinges, CRISTALLO, glass door and mini-hinges, bi-fold hinges.
  • The efficient hinge system for a wide range of applications MODUL – is an ideal for everyone, who likes a classical design and reliability. This type of hinges has a three-dimensional adjustment. In the assortment of Blum, you can find three types of hinges of this kind: 100° standard hinge, blind corner hinge, 95° refrigerator/appliance hinge. The highlight of all three positions is an integrated pull-out stop.

Lift systems

Lift systems for various constructions

        Lift systems are an integral part of modern cabinet furniture. Especially often this type of systems is used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture.
        This type of furniture accessories is necessary in order to make access to the top wall lockers of kitchen furniture more comfortable. This is very important for the limited space of the kitchen.
        Lift systems are able to make the hostess's time in the kitchen not only comfortable, but also enjoyable. After all, a properly selected lift systems allows you to reduce the applied amount of effort and time to open the locker, and therefore, to save time for more important things.
        Our company follows the latest trends and uses the following types of reliable and convenient Blum’s lift systems: AVENTOS HF For bi-fold fronts, AVENTOS HS For up & over lift systems, AVENTOS HL For lift ups, AVENTOS HK For stay lifts, AVENTOS HK-SF For small stay lifts, AVENTOS HK-XS small fitting for small top wall cabinets, AVENTOS Mitred and rebated applications.
        Such a number of varieties of systems is due to the difference of types of kitchen furniture design. The functions of all types of lift systems are different.

  • The AVENTOS HF For bi-fold fronts is a folding lifting mechanism for the top wall cabinets with large facades. It opens a huge number of opportunities at the stage of furniture design, providing convenient access to the desired segments of the kitchen set. It does not limit movement and does not require much effort to use it. This is a bi-fold opening system.
  • The AVENTOS HS For up & over lift systems is an excellent option for large solid facades. It is an ideal for top wall lockers and does not require the installation of a transverse stabilizer. At the same time, lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically. The front swings up and over the cabinet.
  • The AVENTOS HL For lift ups is designed for top wall cabinets with medium or high facade and for recessed cabinets with other facades from the top. At the same time, to obtain the desired result, this category offers a choice of 5 types of power mechanisms and 4 types of telescopic levers. The front lifts up parallel to the cabinet.
  • The AVENTOS HK For stay lifts is a convenient and reliable lift system for mid wall units. The front pivots up.
  • The AVENTOS HK-S For small stay lifts is a good idea for small top wall cabinets and built-in structures. With the help of it, you can save a lot of space in the kitchen, integrating it into small furniture. That is an ideal choice for small kitchen sets. Enhanced user convenience for small and light stay lifts.
  • The AVENTOS HK-XS small fitting for small top wall cabinets
  • for a cabinet with a small internal depth. In this case, the symmetrical mechanism is installed on one or two sides. It can be used in kitchen furniture or in the bathroom furniture. For small stay lifts in top wall cabinets.
  • AVENTOS Mitred and rebated applications can still be used with simple positional adjustments. Fascinating quality of motion also available for lift systems designed with mitres and rebates.

        Our specialists will be glad to help you choose the type of lift system that will be optimal for your furniture.