SWISSPAN is a Ukrainian trademark. This trademark has been producing wood boards and laminated chipboards for more than 13 years. The products of this brand are widely known in the CIS countries, Asia and Eastern Europe. All products of this manufacturer are manufactured with the strict supervision of the Swedish company SORBES. Finnish and German equipment is used for production. This allows to create a huge number of color solutions and textures, which can amaze with their elegance and durability. The product range of SWISSPAN is ready to surprise people who like classic design and experimenters.
        This brand for many years kept a high standard of quality. And from year to year pleases its customers with new design solutions. Each product of this manufacturer is manufactured in accordance with European and quality standards.
        Particular attention in the production of SWISSPAN products is paid to environmental friendliness and material safety. Also, this manufacturer take care about the impact of its capacities and products on the environment. Therefore, it is in constant search of energy-saving technologies, which maintain an ideal energy balance in production.
        It is important to note that the materials for every product is corresponds to international sanitary and hygienic standards. That is why, SWISSPAN chipboard can be used even for making furniture for bed rooms and children's rooms.