Artificial stone and quartz countertops

        Not so many years ago, kitchen was considered as a place of routine cooking. But more often it becomes a springboard for culinary accomplishments, experiments and just a resting place for the mistress of the house. Table was always a highlight of the kitchen table. This is the place where the most daring culinary dreams are realized. This piece of furniture becomes an accent and attracts the lion's share of attention.
        Modern fashion dictates not only style trends, but practicality for kitchen sets and work surfaces year after year. At the same time, more attention is paid to the materials from which the kitchen top is made.
        At the peak of popularity, the last few years are kept acrylic countertops made of artificial stone. But what are they better than countertops of laminated chipboard, solid wood or even natural stone?

  • This material is aristocratically beautiful and elegant. In contrast to natural stone countertops – countertops that made of artificial stone have a non-porous, and smooth, pleasant to the touch surface, which is very easy to care for.
  • Such worktops have an increased thermal and moisture resistance, which is extremely necessary in the kitchen.
  • This type of countertops does not have seams, and if there are any rubs or scratches, they can easily be rubbed, and the damaged place - polished.
  • The material has high strength and durability.
  • Extensive color scheme allows you to choose the perfect option for your kitchen.
  • Several manufacturers are ready to offer different versions of finished acrylic countertops made of artificial stone, each of which has its own flavor and advantage.

        Samsung presents a line of countertops from two well-known brands: Staron and Tempest. Acrylic stone, from which the table top is made, has a very high quality and a wide range of colors. The Staron palette has developed over a hundred colors and shades in seven collections: Solid, Sanded, Aspen, Pebble, Metallic, Quarry, Tempest. Each collection conveys a unique design with an underlined exquisite style.
        The countertops of the Chinese brand Montelli are able to surprise customers not only with a color scheme of 65 colors, both monochrome and with inclusion of large fractions, but also with
other, no less interesting and important characteristics. Acrylic plates of artificial stone of this manufacturer have shockproof durability, high hygiene and a guarantee for 10 years. The surface of the finished product of this brand is satin, glossy. And in the process of use, it acquires a silky, soft hue.
        Bienstone is one of the most famous creators of artificial stone, having a full cycle production facility. The manufactory is located in China, and its products meet the highest world quality standards. The material is considered to be completely environmentally friendly and easy to care for. Made countertops of artificial stone of this manufacturer, exclusively on ultramodern equipment. This company offers a large range of colors for countertops with an ideal price-quality ratio.
        LION CHEMTECH - one of the world's leading manufacturers of acrylic stone worktops from South Korea. The highlight of this company's products is the use of acrylic resins without the addition of other components. Thanks to this, the countertops made of artificial stone have the property of thermoforming. Palette TM TRISTONE unites 7 exclusive collections. "Modern" is represented by a collection of monochrome design colors. "Classic" offers a large selection of pastel tones with the inclusion of small multi-colored particles. "Romantic" combines the pretentiousness of natural colors with bold stylish inclusions. "Baroque" extends the scope of the style through transparent inclusions. "Byzantium" offers decors with 3D inclusions. "Marble Ocean" is a unique marine collection with amazing shades. The guarantee for the countertops of this manufacturer is 15 years.
        Corian is a trademark of DuPont. The worktops of this manufacturer consist of natural minerals and acrylic resin. This product is manufactured in the USA. The color palette is ready to please customers with 96 different colors and shades. And the countertops have a shockproof surface and resistance to the high temperatures.
        An alternative to countertops that are made of artificial stone are quartz surfaces. They have many indicators that are not inferior to the properties of granite analogs. Quartz is a natural material. It is important to note that it has the highest hardness, which is achieved due to the high density of the crystal lattice of the material. Such countertops not only have high resistance to chemicals, but also have a high level of impact resistance and thermal resistance. Such countertops do not burn out in the sun and do not lose their appearance with time.
        At once two manufacturers are ready to please their customers with quartz countertops: Vikоstone and Сaezarstone.
        The tabletops of Vikоstone do not require special care. They always keep pace with world environmental standards and the latest fashion trends. They perfectly combine beauty and practicality. The clear and simple forms of these countertops can add elegance and laconicism to the interior of the kitchen, and a palette of restrained classical shades will not leave anyone indifferent.
The quartz countertops of the Cezarstone are also an eco-friendly and practical option for the kitchen. They have antibacterial properties, which will become a godsend for the mistress of the house. The products of this manufacturer are certified and recognized by many specialists of this industry. And 4 unique collections of colors: Classico, Motivo, Supremo, Concetto will not leave anyone indifferent.
        Whatever you choose - a quartz countertop or an artificial stone surface, it will delight you for many years and will be a wonderful addition to the kitchen interior!