HETTICH is a German manufacturer of high quality furniture fittings. This company is one of the most successful not only in Europe, but also in the world. HETTICH's impeccable reputation and high standards of product quality make it extremely attractive for furniture manufacturers and their customers. In keeping with time, the company uses the latest technologies and innovative developments to create reliable furniture accessories. It's important to note that HETTICH maintains high corporate standards and adheres to social responsibility policies. By the way, the brand of this German company is a synonymous of quality and success.
        The products of this company were repeatedly awarded with distinctive signs of the most prestigious national and world exhibitions in the categories: "Best solution", "Best design" and "Golden standard of quality".
        HETTICH's range of products will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Everyone will be able to choose the kind of furniture fittings, which not only will qualitatively complement any item of furniture, but will also become a stylish and reliable accessory. Drawer systems, a wide range of hinges, drawer runners, folding and sliding door systems - this is not a complete list of things that HETTICH has pleasantly surprised its customers for many years. This is furniture fittings manufacturer that makes every effort to ensure that each hidden loop or system of motion works perfectly.
        This is where ideas are born for furniture fittings for connoisseurs from all over the world.

Folding and sliding door systems

        It's difficult to believe, but only a few years ago, the sliding-door wardrobes made a splash in the furniture industry, providing the opportunity to use the space of rooms, offices, hallways and living rooms as efficiently as possible. At the same time, the wardrobe was a stylish accessory and an elegant addition to the interior of any room. But the sliding-door wardrobe with sliding doors was considered a luxury item.
        Nowadays, the sliding-door wardrobe became a necessity and a desired piece of furniture in the interior of a house, apartment or office. It helps you to place a huge number of things hidden from prying eyes. But at the same time all these things will be conveniently located. It is impossible to imagine a dwelling without this piece of furniture, which with the help of design elements and mirrors will be a highlight and a stylish addition to any interior.
        An important element of the wardrobe is the folding and sliding door system. They are helped to the sliding-doors wardrobe to win the hearts of buyers and connoisseurs of comfort. The door, which opens with folding and sliding door systems, is the most convenient solution for the limited space of smart apartments, hallways, and even huge office spaces.
        But time is running, and folding and sliding door systems require more and more complex tasks that can make the life of customers even more pleasant and comfortable. That is why HETTICH offers a wide choice of this type of systems, for almost any type of design and modification of the sliding-door wardrobe:

  • TopLine XL is a premium sliding system. The main carrier of this system is the upper running roller. Its important feature is stealth from prying eyes. TopLine XL has a reinforced upper guide rail made of aluminum. The maximum load on the door is 80 kg. Silent System provides silent sliding of doors of any size. This system uses the latest generation of dampers, which ensures accurate and soft closing and opening of the wardrobe doors.
  • The premium segment of the line is complemented by the TopLine L system, which also has an aluminum upper suspension element, with a possible load of 50 kg. TopLine L in combination with Silent System Flexible 50 provides full comfort of using of sliding doors in silence.
  • TopLine M is designed for small doors of elegant wardrobes. At the same time, the design of the sliding-doors wardrobe does not deteriorate due to the hidden running profile. It is an inexpensive system that has a steel upper guide. The maximum load for this type of system is 35 kg.
  • Practical one-track system SlideLine M is designed to realize the possibility of combining open and closed sections of the wardrobe. Its highlight is the ability to move two doors in one profile. A hidden system Silent System can be located anywhere in the facade. SlideLine M will be a great addition to the wall wardrobes of the bathroom or kitchen.

Hinge systems

        Classic varieties of furniture accessories make our life more comfortable for many years. New technologies help to make them more and more convenient. And their style becomes more and more artsy and elegant. But reliability is the main characteristic through the years. This is something that is always appreciated.
        That is why, hinge systems do not lose their relevance and popularity after many years. They remain the most reliable option for doors of lockers, kitchen sets and cabinets. This kind of furniture fittings ensures their opening and closing when you need it. Of course, technology does not stand still, and modern hinge systems become much more functional than they were decades ago. Manufacturers increase hinges reliability, reduce wear and allow to choose their style, which fits perfectly into the interior of any room.
        The HETTICH hinge systems will certainly be an excellent option for your furniture, as their quality and design are marked by many awards from international exhibitions. The manufacturer guarantees that such hinge systems will work with millimeter precision for many years.
        HETTICH offers the following assortment of loop systems:

  • Sensys hinge has a classic design and unique silent closing inside, which will become a real godsend for everyone, who likes a peace and comfort. This is a new round in the development of this type of system, since the damper is hidden in this hinge. An important innovation is the fuse, which prevents involuntary unscrewing of the adjusting screw of the overlap. Sensus is easy to install and dismantle without using of tools or special knowledge. It is important to note that unlocking is done by tapping your finger on the hidden latch. A wide range of these hinges will help to make the desired furniture an ideal: Sensys with an integrated damper Silent System, Sensys for wide opening angle, Sensys hinge for thin doors, Sensys for thick facades, Sensys without damper Silent System, Sensys for facades without handles.
  • The Intermat hinge is a unique development of HETTICH, which has more than 100 varieties for furniture of any purpose and design. This kind of hinges can be mounted as quickly as possible. Intermat perfectly complements furniture even the most non-standard forms, because besides the standard options, in their assortment there are hinges with an opening angle of 95, 110, 125 degrees, and even hinges with an incredibly wide opening angle of up to 165 degrees. The highlight of the collection are hinges for the corners of the case from W-45 to W + 90 degrees, and also, elegant hinges for glass doors and doors with aluminum frame. A necessary addition to their assortment is a variety of mounting plates, stylish caps and even, the application of the company's logo, at the client’s request.
  • Selekta Pro 2000 is designed for office furniture. This is facilitated by an opening angle of 180 to 270 degrees. Mounted easily with a screwdriver and guarantees maximum reliability and durability.
  • Thanks to the K05 Hinge hinges, HETTICH took care not only of the convenience of using furniture, but also of kitchen appliances. These hinges are designed specifically for refrigerators. With an opening angle of up to 115 degrees, the possible load on the hinge increases to 100 kilograms, allowing you to store in the refrigerator the number of products. At the same time, the refrigerator’s doors will be closed gently and quietly.

Drawer runners

        Modern stylish and functional furniture can give a special character and personality to the interior of your home or office. That is why, every year more and more demands are made for its durability, comfort and reliability. Furniture fittings, including sliding rails, are responsible for the characteristics described above.
        They made people's lives much easier and more enjoyable, forcing them to forget about problems with seizing and creaking of drawers. They are easily mounted in drawers of tables, pedestals and kitchen sets to ensure that the process of using them is as imperceptible as possible.
        Retractable fittings have long become one of the main elements of convenience in modern furniture. It is used in many kind of furniture, where sliding structures are provided. HETTICH offers furniture manufacturers the following types of sliding runners:

  • The runners for the Actro 5D boxes and guarantee minimal gaps and optimum alignment of the front panel in five directions at once. The load capacity of the box is up to 80 kg. Therefore, Actro 5D is the best choice for large facades. This type of runners is ideally combined with wooden boxes, and also, with the system of drawers AvanTech. In a case of combining Actro 5D with Push to open, the possibility of making furniture without pens becomes a reality, and the opening of the boxes will be possible with the help of easy touch. At the same time, the Silent System will provide a comfortable closure of drawer.
  • Quadro runners are among the most reliable and durable in their category. The hidden design does not affect the overall appearance of the box. A distinctive feature is that the guide channels firmly hold the steel balls, which provide the maximum horizontal and vertical stability of the drawers. In this case, the built-in damper Silent System guarantees a silent, smooth closing of the boxes. And the internal Push to open mechanism automatically opens the drawer, by simply pressing the facade. The Quadro is a good solution for drawers without knobs.
  • Big Org @ Tower is a high cabinet for office premises. The system of drawers Systema Top 2000 is the basis of it. Big Org @ Tower performs a number of functions: storage of things, protection of the workplace and a full-fledged work area.
  • Unique ComfortSwing system provides lifting the lower rack of the dishwasher at the desired height. Thanks to this system, loading and unloading dishes from the dishwasher becomes easy and comfortable. ComfortSwing makes a raising of the bottom basket on height of the top. With Silent System dampener, the contents of the basket will always be intact.

Drawer systems

        If you are engaged in the arrangement of a kitchen, a children's room or a living room, you know how important to choose a furniture that will be compact and roomy at the same time. This is necessary in order to maximally convenient and quickly place a huge number of necessary things. In this case, they should be easy to get and use at the right time. For this purpose, a large number of our customers choose cabinets, chests of drawers, comfortable kitchen sets. But there is something that unites, such different pieces of furniture. These are drawer systems. They provide easy sliding o for maximum comfort and efficiency of their use.
        Drawer systems HETTICH allow to use any room, without reducing the free space for 100%. They are quickly and compactly installed in the necessary pieces of furniture in order to store the necessary number of things, and the room at the same time looks stylish.
        This type of system is considered as one of the best options for saving space. Often, they are used for suspended and floor cabinets and chests of drawers. Undoubtedly, their main advantage is that the drawer can be in a semi-open position, which makes its use much more convenient.
        HETTICH offers its customers the following range of drawer systems:

  • ArciTech is a unique system that allows you to create a wide variety of designer furniture, quickly reacting to changes in the furniture market trends. The high stability of this system allows you to create completely different designs of boxes for any needs. Elegant drawers ArciTech will be the highlight of the kitchen, living room or bathroom. The unsurpassed fastening quality between the sidewalls, facade and rear wall provides maximum reliability and comfort in use. And spring-loaded elements exclude the possibility of even minimal gaps. Only high-quality materials are used for the front panel connectors. The ArciTech drawers can easily withstand loads of 40, 60 and 80 kg with the built-in Actro guide.
  • The AvanTech system is an extremely stylish drawer with possibility of providing an individual design of the side panels. Even in the open position, this drawer can become an interior decoration.
  • InnoTech has a line geometry, which makes it so attractive to designers and lovers of beauty. The peculiarity of this system is the maximum assortment of colors, options for internal organization and design solutions for side elements. InnoTech combines three main advantages: convenience, quality and comfort.
  • InnoTech Atira is a system with clear, rectilinear forms on a single platform. At the same time, this system will please you with pleasant colors, a variety of arrangement and restrained design. InnoTech Atira will be a good solution for the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Systema Top 2000 is useful for office premises. This is the easiest way to organize office space of any size successfully, stylishly and conveniently.