Brand STARKE appeared recently in the furniture accessories market and immediately won the hearts of manufacturers and their demanding customers. At the moment, it occupies a leading position among manufacturers of sliding systems for sliding-door wardrobes.
        This brand made a breakthrough by developing a high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes possible to set in motion even massive and tall doors. Because of the motion systems of this manufacturer, every customer’s imagination becomes a reality. Now, even the tallest and most unusual doors will have a smooth and quiet ride. After all, the reliability and quality of these fittings has been proven by many factory tests.
        STARKE guarantees its customers not only the high quality of the proposed systems, but also their service life up to 10 years with maintaining their operational properties. Also, the manufacturer took care of the impeccable design, using the modern production technologies. The assortment of this trade mark allows you to choose the necessary system for premium class furniture and to emphasize its style and elegance.
        STARKE has created a wide range of profiles with a variety of types of coatings. So, this part of the furniture fittings that is partially hidden from the eyes of others, will be a stylish addition to your furniture. The assortment includes 36 types of decoration and more than 100 colors. At the same time, in the catalog you can find exclusive colors like "champagne", "gold" and "silver", and also, decors like "a tree".
        Sliding systems of this manufacturer have a number of advantages, including a huge number of profile shapes, exclusive colors and reliable roller sliding mechanisms, stylish design and durability. That is why we use sliding systems of this brand for our furniture.