This trade mark is one of the world's famous manufacturers and distributors of wooden panels, that create its products in accordance with the latest advanced technologies. That is why this company is an innovator in the development of key achievements of its industry. 
        KRONOSPAN was founded in Austria 121 years ago, nowadays has many branches in different parts of the world. Now, it is a global company. The production of this company is located in 31 countries of the world. That is why, this manufacturer pays much attention to the development and implementation of high standards of quality and safety of its products. The characteristic feature of this company is the vertical chain of supply, that allows quickly respond to technological changes and improve products qualitatively.
        The activity of KRONOSPAN is based on the basic principle "Nothing is impossible" and is confirmed by the rapid growth of the range of products and unique solutions for furniture manufacturing. This manufacturer always has something to please its customers.
        A lot of attention in the company's policy is given to environmental initiatives and preservation of the environment. 
The development department is hard working to improve the quality and safety of its products. Therefore, all the wood products of this manufacturer are designed in accordance with the low standard of formaldehyde emissions E1. The innovation of the line was low-formaldehyde emission of MDF and chipboard. Because of it, all products in this category meet the requirements of the CARB II standard in California.
        KRONOSPAN offers a range of high-quality products, including: wooden panels, melamine panels, working surfaces and window sills, veneer and facade panels, lacquered panels, paper, floors and construction boards, countertops.  The chipboard panels and countertops of this company have repeatedly been awarded with high awards of international exhibitions, so they can meet the needs of each client.


        Calling of every owner of the house is creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in his home. This process is quite time consuming and requires not only temporary and financial investments, but also a part of the soul. After all, the interior of the office, home or office space reflects the aesthetic preferences of a person and is its complement.
        Particular attention in the interior design is given to the working surfaces, tables and kitchen sets. After all, they must have not only a beautiful design, but also be sufficiently reliable and functional. One of the most important details of these types of furniture are worktops. They are the "highlight" of the interior. The quality of the worktop depends on the durability and reliability of the entire table or kitchen set.
        That is why, KRONOSPAN offers several rulers of finished chipboard worktops, which combine several important characteristics: reliability, environmental friendliness, safety, quality and functionality.
        Such worktops are manufactured on the basis of chipboard P2, in accordance with the norms of EN 312. Their lining is made of high pressure laminate. It is important to note that the surface of the board is shockproof, moisture and heat resistant, and also withstands exposure to household dyes.
        Ready-made worktops KRONOSPAN will be an excellent addition to working and laboratory tables, kitchen sets, commercial furniture. A great collection of 75 variations of textures, decors and colors will help you to choose the perfect coating design:

  • The line of monochrome decors will give an elegance and restraint to the interior, because of the light colors: "White diamond", "Gray stone" and "Satin". And also, dark, soft shades: Latte, Gray Graphite, Black Gloss. This palette is perfect for office furniture and offices.
  • The assortment of decors "Tree" allows creating a cozy atmosphere thanks to shades and textures that perfectly convey the style of different types of wood. In the lineup, there are presented as classical variants: Cherry Marbella, Wenge Louisiana, Nut Ribera, Pine, and more creative variants of Rigato, Samba, and Blockwood Java.
  • KRONOSPAN also did not forget about creative clients, having developed for them a line of "Fantasy decors", which allow realizing almost any furniture fantasy of the client. Special attention among them deserve: "Stardust Black", which repeats the design of the starry sky, futuristic "Imineo white", creative "Stardust white".
  • No one can remain indifferent to the "Stone", which is represented by the decorations that convey the stone design: the black marble line of "Black Wave", the mesmerizing "Tourmaline Brown", the intriguing "Opal" and the gentle "Venato", and many others. These designs can give a touch of exclusivity to kitchen sets.
  • Designer line of worktops "Metal" is able to revitalize the design of any room and advantageously emphasize the status of its owner. Shades of "Gold", "Silver", "Platinum", "Aluminum" and "Bronze" will long please the eye of their customers.

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        Chipboards combine ease of using, reliability and environmental friendliness. That is why they are so popular in furniture production. KRONOSPAN chipboard is created with using of traditional Austrian technologies and enterprises in 24 countries. They are an ideal material for the manufacture of cabinet furniture for many years.
        An important feature of this material is resistance to scratches, chemicals, moisture and thermal effects. The quality of each plate is guaranteed by high internal standards of product quality. This makes it possible to create chipboards that do not lose shape and color during operation, and are absolutely safe for the health of customers and the environment. That is why, this material can be used both for manufacturing of furniture for non-residential premises, and for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms.
        The development of the coating design for this manufacturer never stands still. This allows customers to have a constantly updated wide selection of colors and textures.
        KRONOSPAN has prepared several lines of chipboards in order to meet the wishes and needs of each of its customers.
        The Contempo series allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of natural textures of various types of wood. At the same time, such slabs are visually insignificant from natural solid wood. These textures will help to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in any room.
        For fans of more modern and fresh designs, KRONOSPAN specialists have developed the Express line, which helps to convey the mood of customers with a real burst of fashionable colors and shades, among which: violet, lavender, beige, ivory, green mamba, sand and a huge number of others. Plates of this line will be an ideal base for creating of every creative design projects.
        The Mirror Gloss series is able to surprise the creative designers and non-standard solutions with their design, because these plates have a glossy, mirror surface that will create an elegant and refined furniture for the most stylish interiors.
        Furniture, which are made from chipboard panels KRONOSPAN pleases their owners for many years, filling the interior with notes of refinement and home comfort. That's why we use them to implement a large number of different projects commissioned by our customers. We are happy to help you to realize your furniture dream with using of chipboard panels of KRONOSPAN.