REHAU – is a company from German. This manufacturer specializes not only in the production of windows, but in energy-efficient systems for construction and furniture components too. Also, REHAU create polymer materials for the automotive industry. This company always guarantees the quality of the products. Also, REHAU takes care of the environment and uses 100% "green" energy in producing. Few people know that this German company supports a number of social initiatives and charity organizations.
        We are widely uses edge materials of this manufacturer, because it is European leader in quality and assortment in this segment of furniture components. All collections of edges are created by experts proceeding from fashion trends in furniture design. Customers can always choose the color and embossing options that will best decorate the interior of the desired premises. In addition, REHAU gives a possibility to its customers to be designers and to create their own unique edge design for their furniture. In the catalogs, you can find a huge number of designs and articles of the edge, which is able to embody the most interesting design solutions.
        Also, we use ready-made REHAU countertops, which are ready to impress the imagination with its appearance, durability and functionality. Such tabletops not only please the eye and soul, but also greatly facilitate the cleaning process.


        Edges are used for the facing of the boards of the DSP panels in the manufacturing of furniture. At the same time, they are used not only for protection, but also for aesthetic function.
        REHAU edges can extend the service life of furniture and make them more attractive and stylish. The assortment of this manufacturer is able to surprise with number of different colors and textures.
        REHAU does not stop to do the costumer’s life better. It offers a number of exclusive options, which come as a connoisseur of aesthetics and beauty. This manufacturer uses the latest technology for its products, including the adhesion-free adhesive and RAUKANTEX LASER EDGE adhesive technology, which welds the edge to the plate with a laser. At the same time, the edge reliably holds for a long time.

  • Especially for laser technology, REHAU has developed the RAUKANTEX LASER EDGE range. The gluing by this technology is able with using a plasma device or laser, which spreads the lower layer of the polymer. This makes it possible to very reliably fix the edge and the plate without seams. As a result, the plate and the edge merge into one. This technology allows to increase the service life of the plate and its moisture resistance. In the assortment of the series, there are both classical designs "stone" and "wood", and bold designs "metallic" and "glass". At the same time, for connoisseurs of low-key shades and textures, one-color options are provided.
  • REHAU takes care of those people who like stylish furniture options with glass doors and surfaces. RAUKANTEX visions edges was created for them. It is an elegant and qualitative combination of glass and polymer materials. Such edges look like a glass and allow to give an 3D effect to surfaces from a glass. There are seven beautiful variants in the assortment, which will be ideally suited for any interior:
  1. The RAUKANTEX visions with V-neck reinforces the effect of a glass plate mounted on the surface. It provides the ability to combine different materials and degrees of gloss.
  2. RAUKANTEX visions Duo-Design produces an impression of a glass surface. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to create the necessary design.
  3. The RAUKANTEX visions in the design of milky white glass has a translucent structure and can be a good accent for your furniture. It has a wide color palette.
  4. RAUKANTEX visions in the design of this glass has an extraordinary brilliance and elegance. The edges of this category are based on a wide color palette.
  5. RAUKANTEX visions with shadow effects will be the best choice for the experimenter. These edges have an elegant and laconic design that looks very creative and bold.
  6. The RAUKANTEX visions combine metal and glass components in their design. And a palette of colors can surprise.
  7. RAUKANTEX visions with glossy decorations will give individuality and sophistication to your furniture.
  • RAUKANTEX impressions allows you to add stylish notes to the interior. Indeed, it provides the opportunity to choose the most interesting options as "simulation of knots", "stone", "furrow", "creative", or much more. Various options for varnishing the edges are possible. The decoration is represented by more than 10,000 variants with the possibility of deep embossing of colors and backing.