ARISTO is a russian producer of solutions for the organization of furniture space. Over the 14 last years, this company has been developing and producing an aluminum profile, fittings for sliding-doors wardrobes, shelving and wardrobe systems. At the same time, all types of products have high quality and competitive ability among products of other world companies. ARISTO is one of the leaders in the production of sliding systems in the CIS. It is important to note, that this manufacturer does not stop there, developing new and more reliable options that will be an excellent addition to any closet.
        The ARISTO products were repeatedly highly marked at the profile exhibitions of furniture and furniture fittings. And its quality and reliability have won an irreproachable reputation among furniture manufacturers. This manufacturer does not only focus on the quality of products, but also on their range. The development department of the company works tirelessly to expand the lines, and also, to improve the existing ones. ARISTO does its best to ensure that during the using of the closet or wardrobe, customers feel only comfort and aesthetic pleasure.
        An interesting fact is that different types of systems of this trademark have been used repeatedly to implement projects in telecasts and have been recognized not only by furniture manufacturers but also by well-known customers.
        The reliability of ARISTO products is confirmed by internal quality standards, and guarantees the shelf life of products up to 30 years.
        We widely use the sliding systems of this manufacturer for making furniture according to your order.

Sliding systems

        The dynamically growing popularity of sliding systems is based on the fact that they are the "heart" of any wardrobe. They are providing its functionality and convenience. The modern assortment of materials and manufacturing technologies allow us to choose not only the length or variety of the system, but also take into account its noise characteristics, as well as the level of durability and reliability.
        The production of Aristo allows to extend the boundaries of this category. It developed a sliding system with the original name Nova, combines the highest standards of quality and elegance design. This system is able to easily solve two of the most important customer needs - the practicality of furniture and the comfort of its use. Sliding system Nova allows you to make the ultra-modern and functional cabinet, due to the use of the latest technologies in its production. It is designed for connoisseurs of classics and minimalism in design.
        NOVA created Aristo as a narrow-frame system of a new generation. The almost inconspicuous narrow profile, which has a visible part of only 5 mm, makes it possible to produce laconic facades without the use of additional details. It is important to note that, in combination with thin chipboard and MDF boards and with possibility to choose a wide range of materials, this system is capable of realizing rather creative and non-standard projects.
        Since the manufacturer focuses in the production of its products on high quality standards, this sliding system is manufactured exclusively from natural materials. In this case, the thickness of the frame elements is 1.6 mm. And the lower rollers withstand a load of up to 80 kg. All these things guarantee reliability of wardrobe, in conditions of a large weight of doors. The highlight of this product is the absolutely silent door stroke, which is provided by high quality fittings and special filling.NOVA offers three installation options as standard in the track, a hidden version in the opening and hidden in the cabinet. In all these variants the guide is absolutely not visible. And the versatility of the system is provided by two variants of the facades - the embedded and the invoices.
        The manufacturer believes that this system represents a male point of view on interior solutions. In the sliding system of the new generation there is a concise minimalism, elegant simplicity, reliability and impeccable quality. And an extensive color palette and a huge number of designs help to emphasize the individuality of any interior.