EGGER is an Austrian manufacturer of wood materials. This company has been producing and finishing this kind of materials for 45 last years. EGGER products are characterized by their high wear resistance, long service life and environmental friendliness. In the range of products of this company you can find high-quality chipboard and MDF boards, edge materials and other furniture elements. Nowadays, in the EGGER group of companies there are 15 factories, which are located in 6 different European countries.
        This manufacturer uses the latest technologies for its furniture components. It is guarantees them impeccable quality. It is important to note that EGGER takes care of natural resources. Energy and environmental management systems are used in the process of wood materials production. And the practice of careful forest management is the foundation of work of every factory. 30% of all wood, that used by manufacturer - is a product of secondary processing. All combustible materials that cannot be used in the process of products manufacturing, are necessarily processed into thermal electricity, which is used by factories.
        This manufacturer pays much attention to scientific researches, and also, introduction of innovative technologies. The good tradition for this company is the annual renewal and addition of the product catalog, which corresponds to the latest trends in fashion design and diverse needs of customers.
        EGGER products always take part in international exhibitions and winning European recognition. Due to its quality, good assortment and environmental friendliness, chipboard plates and finished countertops of this manufacturer are widely used by us for furniture production according to your order.


        EGGER worktops can give a sparkle of style and elegance to every kitchen set or table. Despite the fact that today tabletops made of different kinds of stone are becoming more popular, products from chipboard are still in high demand and are loved by connoisseurs of classical furniture design. The quality and durability of these products are improved from year to year by EGGER. Particular attention is paid to this manufacturer's ability to withstand the worktops of large loads without losing their excellent aesthetic appeal and reliability in operation.
        The basis of products of this type is a chipboard, covered with paper-laminated plastic. Becouse of this coating, which is quite resistant to stress, the worktops are great for use оn the kitchen, as a working surface. The exclusive tabletop model of this manufacturer is a tabletop with a straight edge.
        In the assortment EGGER there are many variants of finished table-tops is assembled, which will decorate your interior:

  • The distinctive feature of the worktop with a straight edge is the worktop closed by the ABS edge. In this case, it has an identical design with a base and a thickness of 1.5 mm. This makes it possible to perform a lining with a low radius. But it is important to note, that the quality of the product remains at the highest level. High thermal and moisture resistance ensures gluing of the edge with polyurethane glue. Such a table top has high resistance to scratching and rubbing. And the modern design of this product will make the process of its use not only convenient, but also enjoyable. The worktops of this type will perfectly fit into the design of the office, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • The postforming worktop differs in principle from the straight edge countertop in the manufacturing process. A feature is that the entire surface, including the front edge, is covered with paper-laminated plastic. At the same time, the worktop has no bending or breaking. This technology prevents the appearance of joints in the design. The leading edge of the plate is reinforced before facing with a support edge based on thin chipboard. This provides shock resistance and a perfectly flat surface. Such a table top will be a godsend when decorating retail space, shops, kitchens and bathrooms. Also, it can be used to create tables for offices and other premises.

Our specialists will be happy to help you to choose the ideal option for creating your furniture.


        Manufacturers always focus on the right choice of material in the process of creating of modern furniture. Nowadays, most kitchen utensils, cupboards, chests of drawers and curbstones are made of clipboards. They are the perfect solution for the small weight of the product, its durability and eco-friendliness.
        For many years, chipboard is one of the most popular materials not only for the manufacture of furniture, but also for interior decoration of rooms and other premises. Clipboards have a high level of moisture resistance and durability, as well as increased ability to withstand large loads.
        EGGER offers a wide range of clipboards for the implementation of any projects:

  • Unlined wooden Eurospan chipboard plates are a unique product of this manufacturer. Because it has an innovative structure. This kind of clipboard consist of three layers. The middle layer is the most durable, and the outer layers are thin. Because of it, the plate has the highest degree of uniformity. Eurospan chipboard is ideal for lining and will be an excellent base for creating a creative design of the necessary furniture. The surface of the plate has a shallow structure and contains a minimum amount of sand. Also, it has a light wood surface. In the manufacturer's catalog, there are several types of unlined chipboards:
  1. Eurospan E1 P2 CE plates are classic kinds of clipboard. Their three-layer structure is suitable for applying a lining on a smooth surface.
  2. The Eurospan E1 P3 CE plates are waterproof and are ideal for the manufacture of worktops and bathroom furniture. This plate is an alternative to P2 when furniture with such plates is made for rooms with a high degree of humidity. This type of slabs is sealed with a special moisture-repellent bonding agent.
  3. The Eurospan JP F0.3 plates contain very low level of formaldehyde. It was certificated in accordance with the requirements of the JIS standard. Such clipboard can be covered with any kind of lining.
  • Thin chipboards are ultrathin slabs. They have outer layers of fine-grained shavings. Their thickness is from 3 mm. In this case, a variety of options for decors and structures of this type of plates are possible. The assortment includes the following types:
  1. Thin chipboard plates JP F 0,3 have very low level of formaldehyde. This kind of slabs have Japanese JIS standard requirements.
  2. Thin chipboard plates E1 ASY P2 CE are chipboards with a unique asymmetric chip allocation. The highlight of this type of plate is the large thickness of the cover layer of one of the sides. Its allows you to polish this area deeper and more accurately.
  3. Thin chipboard boards E1 P2 CE are standard basement plates. Superfine wooden chips are used in their production. The distinguishing feature of such a plate is the low content of the crust in the raw material.
  4. Thin clipboard plates E1 RAL P2 CE are resistant to breakdown formation. They are manufactured in accordance with the high-quality standards of products.
  5. Thin chipboard plates E1 P2 LAM are standard bases-slabs with decorative lining paper-laminate plastics. These slabs have a high wear resistance.